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I had a long post typed up, but Frank ate it, I guess.

Looooong story very short is that Mum has been and continues to be absolutely infuriated with me. Much of it likely has to do with how she is feeling about the dialysis situation, but she's taking it out on me, in ways that are both immature and abusive. For instance, right now, I'm not permitted to be in the same room as her. Since we're sharing a room here at Compassion House, that means... uh? I'm still sitting in my coat, I have no way to get the cable for my laptop, I have no access to a bathroom, nor do I have kleenex and my face is reacting to all the pollen in the worst possible way. ...I don't expect her gratitude or anything, but being treated as a human being and/or another adult would be nice.

In other news, my uni has cut off my library access. As part of their new cost-saving measures, students lose summer access to resources (unless they're teaching or enrolled in credit hours), and students on Leave lose all access. So given that I'm now unable to keep up with the literature, and unable to work on any of my papers... Yeah, I can't really see myself going back, even if I could scrounge up the fees to re-enroll. Chalk it up as another failure.

I swear to god, on days like today, if it weren't that I'm loathe to break my promise to actually finish my fiction, I'd totally walk into traffic. You have no idea.

01:39 Mum has spent the past eight hours detailing my transgressions and inadequacies. Reducing me to tears and self harm wasn't sufficient this time, so I expect a continuation tomorrow. My head aches something fierce.
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