Jan. 3rd, 2017

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Actually, anyone can play, but I'm assuming the writerly types may be more interested, and I'm not sure how to phrase my own interest to promote full inclusiveness (I'll try, with Question #2).

#1 a)When you are writing a canon character, to what extent do you rely on strict canon, headcanon, or fanon? b)If you have written multiple stories with a particular canon character, to what extent are they representations of your headcanon? Do you write the character differently (motivations, appearance, quirks, personality, etc) in different pieces, or are they essentially the same person?

#2 a)When you are reading fanfic, how important is it to you to recognize the characters as they occur in fanon -- and does this correlate with how close their fanon representation is with your headcanon? b)Have you ever read something that is not in accordance with your headcanon, but is written well enough that you suspend disbelief and accept the representation within that authorial universe? How common is that for you?
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Chapter 7 is written, but it's late, and I don't trust my eye to edit it properly tonight. Look for it sometime tomorrow morning. After I've caffeinated. ...although, you guys are going to be so bloody mad about this chapter that I almost wonder if I shouldn't have the next two ready to go, first. Y'know, to dampen the flames.

*Sips Cocktail of Task Completion*
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