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For your perusal, here's the illustration I did for my 2016 holiday card. Line art is something I'm fairly incompetent at and this is only my second or third attempt at human subjects, so here's hoping you weren't expecting anything amazing. Needless to say, if you're receiving this as a card and would like to be surprised when it arrives, don't click into the cut. If you somehow missed that I was sending cards, and you want one, PM me your details.

His Apprentice
(SFW, implied SSHG)

His Apprentice

Creative Commons License

Drabble inspired by a comment from [livejournal.com profile] mywitch:
Severus Snape, when faced with the prospect of a daughter, had a long, hard think about things. A son might have been more intuitively comfortable -- after all, he'd been a son, and he'd had a father, and... well, look how that turned out. So perhaps this was all for the best, really. And there weren't any rules that said women couldn't rule the world. After all, Hermione was making excellent progress in that direction, and there was clearly a lot to be said for organizational acumen coupled to a really excellent pair of bre...Oh dear. Brain. A really excellent brain. He was going to have to rethink his oft-unspoken appreciation of the female form, wasn't he? Because people would leer at his daughter, when they should be cowering, or at least scrambling to assist her rise to power as she followed in her mother's footsteps. Maybe she'd have his nose. That would help, surely. Preemptively hexing the entire male population of Britain was impractical, although not without its appeal.

And so it was that a particular study fell upon highly fertile ground. It demonstrated, quite convincingly, that a daughter's ambition and drive were well correlated with how often fathers were seen taking an equal role in domestic tasks. So Severus Snape rolled up his shirtsleeves, and declared, in no uncertain terms, "Woman, go govern the Wizarding World. I shall do the washing up."

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