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So, life smacked me around a bit this morning, but I've finally gotten caught up (mostly) over here at LJ, and with thanking everyone for all the nice things they've said about my little offerings -- to be clear, y'all don't have to be so sweet, you can offer criticism too if you think it's warranted. I appreciate both immensely.

Anyway, it's sifting down a little snow here, and that makes me happy. Winters are usually unrelieved ugly brown where I'm at. It contrasts badly with the fairyland of northern Canada, where the hoarfrost dresses all the trees in winter bridal gowns, and it's so cold on clear nights that you can hear the northern lights crackling as they dance. Where the starlight glimmers on heavy expanses of snow, and every sunset lights the sky on fire.

I posted this a while ago, but I'm of a mind to share it with you again (and not just because I'm a theremin aficionado). Take a few minutes, if you haven't already seen this, to enjoy Joanna Lurie's Le silence sous l'├ęcorce:
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