Brian's had a car crash

Sep. 18th, 2017 06:19 am
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I'm almost completely washed out, but here is something about it.

B was driving home after his night shift on Sunday morning, and ploughed into a big horse box/transporter. They had to call in special equipment to cut him out of the car, and while they were doing this they sent a police officer over to let me know what was going on. Read more... )

I won't know any more until after the specialists have seen him and gone over his scans and things today (Monday), but we are definitely looking at long-term treatment.

I'm not going to disable comments here, but please excuse me as I try and cope with things rather than replying.

I understood that reference!

Sep. 9th, 2017 11:21 am
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Or, things that I dreamed where I know exactly where the components came from!

It felt like several mini-dreams, almost repeated, but that could have been an illusion and it was one dream where I simply saw the same thing again and again. I was watching Hamlet (yes, we know where THAT's from!), but only the Yorick scene (photo? what photo? *walks off whistling innocently*); but every time it was a different presentation of the skull - different lighting, different skull, and so on. The only one I remember clearly was where the skull was actually a hologram, just hovering in mid-air. But the colours of the lighting were all different (why, hello, Thor: Ragnarok posters...), though they didn't appear in 'rainbow' order. I think the skull-hologram was red.

And then I woke up & went to the loo, and went back to sleep (dreamlessly, as far as I can remember) for another three hours and so woke up late.
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