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with respect to Lies and Red Ink. The second part, clocking in at 2162 words of continuing crimes against pornography, will go online in ~20 minutes. You will probably have to hold your nose while reading.

ETA: Ok, it's up in the usual places. And it's really, for sure done this time.

ETA II (for the sake of meta): I just responded to [livejournal.com profile] lenaa1987 privately over at FFN (reviews take forever to load, so my apologies for what seems a delay in responding). Anyway, I mentioned something there that I think is pertinent to share with everyone, namely:

"And yes, that last [line]... I have to admit I'm tempted [to write more], but what I wanted to create with those words was a door opening to any possibilities a reader can imagine. And I think that if I do anything more with this piece, as its author, I will be shutting someone's doors. It's one of the things I dislike most about JKR, that she won't leave space open for others to imagine possibilities in her work. I needed this piece to close in a way that breathes inspiration."

As a random, meaningless aside, I was listening to Kintsukoroi by Hey Rosetta! during my walks while conceiving this piece. The lyrics of the song relate not at all to any part of what I wrote, which is typical of how I enjoy music while considering things I'll write.
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Lies and Red Ink is now up at AO3 and FFN. It IS weird, so it's ok if you think it's weird.

In summary: Written because [livejournal.com profile] traverse and I were joking on Livejournal that Snape must have a fetish for grading papers, given the amount of homework he assigns. Having said that, sorry, this is decidedly not what you might have hoped for. Morally gray, graphic (rating for a reason), Hogwarts pre-DH; one-shot.
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