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Ok. I've finished with the quantum physics bafflegabbing (which I won't assault you with -- but I needed to finish working it all out so that it was consistent in my own head). Big reveal? Magic can't exist, even if you start playing with Tegmarkian consciousness constructs. But you knew that, because... uh, no one can do magic? Anyway, I've finally got all the pieces of something that I can work with that's at least internally consistent. In my outline for this, I expect I was planning to armwave past this point (or, well, I know I was, b/c I wrote myself a note to that effect), but in actually writing it, I became terrified that I would postulate something and thus create screwball consequences down the line in the story's logic structure. So to my way of thinking that required a fully-fleshed, coherent understanding of the entire system.

Yeah. I just wrote a precis on how magic works in JKR's Harry Potter series. A different thesis than the one I was using for Smart Girls (but I like it so much I may eventually use parts of it there, too). And now the challenge is going to be to avoid burdening all of you with the details -- because, in SF parlance, no one wants to know how the hyperdrive works, they just want to see what's at the end of the journey.

Anyway! Having now done all this brainwork, and being fully cognizant of the giant gaping holes where my system can't work in reality, I'm exceedingly heartened to see this:

-- because at least I don't have intractable plotholes.

Quando Omni ticker:

21741 / 100000 words. 22% done!


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