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I've been seeing a lot of vanity press and pay-to-play adverts on FFN lately; since they're not showing up in other places, it seems likely that FFN is still selling their ad banners themselves, as opposed to letting the google machine target the ads we see. Live, let live, and internet billboards are just that. Except that FFN is the kind of place predatory publishers could easily phish for new stock -- so, some words of wisdom for writerly folk who happen across my corner of the internet: you should be aware of the brilliant resources available to you via Victoria Strauss and AC Crispin's blog, Writer Beware. Be informed, when you make decisions about publishing.

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Well, okay, not at Good Earth Cafe, where I'm now enjoying a pint of bitter. But that's not a long-term strategy for posting, or seeing/responding to reader comments. Anyone know how to get around an ISP block? If it were my own network, I'd just use Google's OpenDNS, but I can't (or should not) reconfig the network for the entire House. So.

Expect updates to be on AO3 in a timely fashion, with FFN lagging.

Oh, and haha, something changed deep in the bowels of LJ, and it now denies me access if I attempt to login from inside my VPN. *rolls eyes*
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Or, well, not so much with the thinky-thoughts, but rather an explanation of why I really really REALLY mean it when I thank you guys for reading and commenting. Those of you who are behind the friends-lock know what's been going on in my life over the past year (or thirteen, actually), and especially the past several days, so you'll appreciate, too, that in creating things that will be appreciated by others, I am also trying to create a version of 'me' that is valued, that will continue to exist (i.e., be valued by someone, live in someone else' head, have meaning to them) once my mother passes away -- because our identities are constructed, at least in part, out of how the people in our lives think about us.

ETA But also see my comment to [livejournal.com profile] gelsey -- you are definitely NOT OBLIGATED to ever comment my stuff. I just really appreciate it when people do.
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Chapter 7 is written, but it's late, and I don't trust my eye to edit it properly tonight. Look for it sometime tomorrow morning. After I've caffeinated. ...although, you guys are going to be so bloody mad about this chapter that I almost wonder if I shouldn't have the next two ready to go, first. Y'know, to dampen the flames.

*Sips Cocktail of Task Completion*
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Actually, anyone can play, but I'm assuming the writerly types may be more interested, and I'm not sure how to phrase my own interest to promote full inclusiveness (I'll try, with Question #2).

#1 a)When you are writing a canon character, to what extent do you rely on strict canon, headcanon, or fanon? b)If you have written multiple stories with a particular canon character, to what extent are they representations of your headcanon? Do you write the character differently (motivations, appearance, quirks, personality, etc) in different pieces, or are they essentially the same person?

#2 a)When you are reading fanfic, how important is it to you to recognize the characters as they occur in fanon -- and does this correlate with how close their fanon representation is with your headcanon? b)Have you ever read something that is not in accordance with your headcanon, but is written well enough that you suspend disbelief and accept the representation within that authorial universe? How common is that for you?


Jan. 1st, 2017 08:34 pm
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An entire new chapter (admittedly, only 2.2k, but still), written in a single day?!?! Don't get used to this. Seriously. Don't.

Prepare to be entirely disappointed, on: AO3 and FFN
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Scribbly updates: I've got another ~600 words or so to go on the next chapter of Inkstains, but I am a bit too depressed to finish it tonight. This story is beginning to burn me out. We have reached the dreaded Chapter 5 doldrums, wherein the amount of effort required to finish seems greater than the amount of reward anticipated at completion.
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Busy working on A Thing today. More anon.

6:55pm the Thing is up at AO3.

About the title (Little Gifts Unspoken), if it interests you: I intended that the 'little gifts' are those moments of sublime connection, where he feels he is understood.
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with respect to Lies and Red Ink. The second part, clocking in at 2162 words of continuing crimes against pornography, will go online in ~20 minutes. You will probably have to hold your nose while reading.

ETA: Ok, it's up in the usual places. And it's really, for sure done this time.

ETA II (for the sake of meta): I just responded to [livejournal.com profile] lenaa1987 privately over at FFN (reviews take forever to load, so my apologies for what seems a delay in responding). Anyway, I mentioned something there that I think is pertinent to share with everyone, namely:

"And yes, that last [line]... I have to admit I'm tempted [to write more], but what I wanted to create with those words was a door opening to any possibilities a reader can imagine. And I think that if I do anything more with this piece, as its author, I will be shutting someone's doors. It's one of the things I dislike most about JKR, that she won't leave space open for others to imagine possibilities in her work. I needed this piece to close in a way that breathes inspiration."

As a random, meaningless aside, I was listening to Kintsukoroi by Hey Rosetta! during my walks while conceiving this piece. The lyrics of the song relate not at all to any part of what I wrote, which is typical of how I enjoy music while considering things I'll write.
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Lies and Red Ink is now up at AO3 and FFN. It IS weird, so it's ok if you think it's weird.

In summary: Written because [livejournal.com profile] traverse and I were joking on Livejournal that Snape must have a fetish for grading papers, given the amount of homework he assigns. Having said that, sorry, this is decidedly not what you might have hoped for. Morally gray, graphic (rating for a reason), Hogwarts pre-DH; one-shot.
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Ok. I've finished with the quantum physics bafflegabbing (which I won't assault you with -- but I needed to finish working it all out so that it was consistent in my own head). Big reveal? Magic can't exist, even if you start playing with Tegmarkian consciousness constructs. But you knew that, because... uh, no one can do magic? Anyway, I've finally got all the pieces of something that I can work with that's at least internally consistent. In my outline for this, I expect I was planning to armwave past this point (or, well, I know I was, b/c I wrote myself a note to that effect), but in actually writing it, I became terrified that I would postulate something and thus create screwball consequences down the line in the story's logic structure. So to my way of thinking that required a fully-fleshed, coherent understanding of the entire system.

Yeah. I just wrote a precis on how magic works in JKR's Harry Potter series. A different thesis than the one I was using for Smart Girls (but I like it so much I may eventually use parts of it there, too). And now the challenge is going to be to avoid burdening all of you with the details -- because, in SF parlance, no one wants to know how the hyperdrive works, they just want to see what's at the end of the journey.

Anyway! Having now done all this brainwork, and being fully cognizant of the giant gaping holes where my system can't work in reality, I'm exceedingly heartened to see this:

-- because at least I don't have intractable plotholes.

Quando Omni ticker:

21741 / 100000 words. 22% done!
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The [livejournal.com profile] severus_snape reveals are up; do have a look at all the lovely things people generated. My own contribution is not to everyone's taste, of course -- while I usually strive to reward both casual and analytical readers, the former definitely got short shrift this time.

Regardless, I am exceedingly grateful to those of you who have decided to interact with my work. Thank you for your kindness -- your words really have meant the world to me; I cherish your comments deeply, and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your thoughts and responses to my work. For those who didn't care for it, and have presumably withheld an opinion in deference to the expected positive nature of the fest, please know that I very much welcome your criticism and thoughts. I would like to grow as a writer, and would appreciate furthering my understanding of where I am going wrong.

If you're just now considering giving it a try, I'd suggest getting into a nice, calm frame of mind first. Try this:

... or you could even just open this playlist in a second tab and turn it down low.

Standard distribution note after the jump:

Philosophy of Fanworks (AKA standard distribution note): )

If it's something you'd like to do, I'm happy to chat in the comments here about what I think I wrote -- although what you think you read is certainly just as valid, and perhaps more so. Again, thank you for choosing to interact with my work. ETA: Warning, don't click into the comments if you don't want my ideas intruding into your perceptions.

As I mentioned above, I both welcome and delight in constructive criticism -- how else would a person grow? More importantly, though, I am a firm proponent of the belief that the reader/viewer is an intrinsic participant in any work of art or fiction -- there is a kind of alchemy that occurs when you take someone's words into your head, when a scene blossoms up, having precipitated through the lenses of your own experiences, the emotions that you bring to bear upon any topic. That's not there in the text -- it's in you, the Reader. I consider all Storytellers (artists, authors, musicians alike) to be involved in an intimate dialogue with their audience, and the success of any Story depends upon the audience's willing collaboration.
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